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2d character animation track + only move when sprite changes

Hey, not sure if its a bug, but I tried the 2d character animation track on the timeline, while using the only move when sprite changes option, and it creates a strange motion, it looks like the character sprite is in 2 places at once. When I turn off the "only move when sprite changes" it works nicely, so that must be the problem. I also tried the retro movement option, it looks like that also has some effect on this thing, but only if the "only moves" is checked. I have a mostly default player setup and I'm attaching my timeline.


  • Can you share a screenshot of your Player's full Inspector?

    The "Only move when sprite changes?" option would create an issue in hindsight - since this requires the sprite to change before movement can occur. At the very least this should appear as a Warning in the Console, but I'll see if I can have this option be auto-disabled while a character is attached to Timeline.

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    Here's the screenshot.
    So it doesn't seem likely that it is possible to have this frame-by-frame effect while moving the character using a timeline? Only a smooth movement? Then I suppose moving a character using actions and a navmesh is the best option to make a cutscene if I want to keep the "only move when sprites changes" option enabled.

    Also : I have an animator on the player gameobject and I'm animating the child object, which has a sprite renderer. No rigidbody, just a circle collider.

  • I don't experience any strange motion myself, but certainly the "anti gliding" effect won't be possible when controlling the character's motion through Timeline.

    Do note, though, that for the Character Animation 2D Track to work correctly, the Animation track that updates the character's motion must control the root position - not that of the sprite child.

    But yes - if you need to retain the "only move when sprite changes" effect, character motion won't be possible, I'm afraid.

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