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Walking/Running speed multiplier to a scene

Hello everybody,
I thought I've read something about this long time ago, but cannot find it anymore (not in the forum, nor in the manual or in the action lists).
Basically I'd like a speed scale factor to be applied to all my characters on a scene.
Let me explain better: my game is 2.5D and I've some scenes where my characters are very small (remember old Monkey Island maps?). On those scenes I'd like both my two swappable players and other NPCs to walk/run faster than usual (all the other movements will stay the same but the walking speed, therefore both the walking anim loops and the walking distance, be way faster, but not Idle, Talking, etc.).
Is there something integrated into AC to achieve this?
Like a script to apply to the whole scene to change the movement speed factor?
(I know there's the scene time-factor, but I guess it's used for slow motion and anyway affect all the animations, not only the ones about movements in space).

Thanks a lot


  • A Sorting Map can be used to dynamically alter a character's speed, but this is currently tied to the character's size/scale as well. I'll see if these two properties can be made independent, so that only the speed can be controlled.

  • Yeah I used the SortingMap while ENCODYA was pure 2D, to move slower on vertical space when I had scenes with perspective. Didn't know I could apply it to a 3D space. And true, the speed was attached to scale when I was doing that in 2D...

    Thanks to dig into separating scale and speed!

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