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Possible bug: Mouse sensitivity on X and Y axis different after updating AC


I think I may have stumbled upon a bug. After updating AC to 1.70.4 from 1.69 my mouse X and Y sensitivities seem to be different. My Movement method is First Person and in my First person camera script the Freelook sensitivity for X and Y values are the same.

The difference in sensitivity is less noticeable if Vsync is on (but very noticeable with Vsync off), but I have had players say they see it too with Vsync on. These players have high-end monitors so I'm guessing because they have higher refresh rates it becomes more noticeable.

Any help with this is much appreciated!


  • Which of the 1.69 sub-releases were you updating from?

    v1.70.0 did address a pitch-smoothing issue in first-person, but I don't recall anything else related being affected.

    Are you saying the X and Y sensitivites are different between each other, or that they're different between the previous AC version you were using? Can you share your Input Settings, Settings Manager, and First Person component settings so that I can attempt a recreation?

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    There is a difference in sensitivities between each other, not between previous AC versions. It takes more physical movement with the mouse to move on Y than on the X axis. I'm updating from AC 1.69.0.

    I recreated the issue in a new AC project within the 3d demo scene with the following settings below:
    Settings manager:

    Input settings:

    First person cam settings:

    To see it better go into Quality settings and change Vsync Count to Don't Sync.

  • Thanks for the details.

    It's not so noticeable on my end, so I'll need a bit of feedback. As a test - please open up the FirstPersonCamera script and replace line 214 with:

    actualTilt += increase * sensitivity.y;

    Does the solve the issue?

  • Thanks, Chris! This fixes it on my end.

  • Players are also reporting it fixed, yay!

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