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Issues with inventory menu

Hi, I'm having two issues related to the inventory menu (Unity UI):

  1. If you have a click sound associated with an Inventory box, and you click on an empty slot, the sound is played multiple times (even worse if you hold down the button).

  2. Since I updated an old project from AC 1.68.4 to 1.70.4, the following setting doesn't have any effect: Settings->Inventory Settings->Maximum drag distance. The item is dragged from the start no matter what since I upgraded.

Here's a dump of my Inventory settings:!Amz_vh8OYDX3u_12CuaNEtwLbgevrA?e=lhUoqn

Here's a repro package demonstrating both issues:!Amz_vh8OYDX3u_11-vGIbWLElONl2A?e=D8K195

Unity version: 2019.3.2f1



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