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TIP/TRICK: Running action list with hotkey press for debugging purposes.

Hello Everyone!

Here is a little script I wrote that I thought may be handy for others. (I am total programmer noob so apologies if this is bad way to do it haha)

I found that I wanted to run action lists with a key press so I didn't have to alt tab and run action lists via the editor or inspector to test it, so I made this little code to help.

Function: It allows you to run an action list that you drag into the inspector during runtime with a key press.

Here is how to get it running.

  1. Save the script and put it into your project where you keep custom scripts.
  2. Go to Project inputs and add "DebugActionList" and assign any hotkey you want.
  3. Attach script to a game object in the scene
  4. Drag your Action List Asset into public slot in the inspector

If you are not using action list assets, remove the 'asset' from
public AC.ActionListAsset DebugAction;
and it should work.

Hope that helps someone!

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