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Pause button problem


I set my InGame (Input settings: Menu - Escape button) button's Appear type: During Gameplay or Expect when Paused. I would like that I can't open my pause menu during cutscene or conversation. So when I push Escape, nothing would happens. I don't know what would be wrong, I try to lots of version of settings, but no success. Anybody some good trick?


  • The InGame menu, and the "Menu" Escape button, are separate behaviours.

    The Pause menu's default Appear type is set to On Input Key, and that input key is set to Menu. This is set to react at all times, and is why it will turn on whenever you press Escape - even if the InGame Menu is not currently on.

    For more control and flexibility over what effects pressing an input key has, switch to Active Inputs instead:

    1. Set the Pause Menu's Appear type to Manual. This means it will only turn on/off with the Menu: Change state Action.
    2. Open up the Active Inputs Editor (Adventure Creator -> Editors -> Active Inputs Editor in the top toolbar) and create a new Active Input
    3. Give it the label Open Pause menu during gameplay, and set the Input button to Menu (the same Input mapped to the Escape button).
    4. Keep the Available when game is field set to Normal (i.e. during normal gameplay), and click Create next to the ActionList when triggered field to create and assign a new ActionList. This ActionList is what will be run when the input is pressed during gameplay.
    5. Set this ActionList's When running property to Run In Background
    6. Give this ActionList a single Menu: Change state Action that turns on the Pause menu.
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