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Character Selection at the Start of the Game

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I'm new to forum and very excited to start using adventure creator. I'm primarily an artist but I still love games, and really want to be able to create something great.

I was wondering, can character switching be used as character selection for the player at the start of the game? I would prefer that the characters not be switched in the middle of the game, but for the player to select their character and keep the same character throughout the game until they start a new game with a different character.


  • Welcome to the community, @noodlenerd.

    Yes, this should be possible. You can switch between any Player characer you define in the Settings Manager via the Player: Switch Action. Your first scene could feature each character as a Hotspot that runs such an Action when clicked.

    The game's currently-selected player character is stored in save games, so this choice will be persistent until another such Action is used to switch Player again.

  • Can I use the switch player action to change the appearance of a character throughout the game?

    Thank you for your help

  • If you make multiple Player prefabs that are all of the same character - but each with an altered appearance eg different clothes - then yes. This Action can be used to swap the existing Player for a new one, at the old one's position.

    To what extent do you want to change appearance, though? Another way to handle this kind of thing is by animating a single character.

    For example, their Animator component could include a "Shirt colour" integer parameter, that determines which "shirt colour animation" gets played using transitions. You could then simply change the existing Player's shirt colour by changing the value of this "Shirt colour" parameter using the Character: Animate Action.

    Admittedly this method would be a bit more complex, but would offer more flexibility in terms of possible combinations. The bulk of this workflow, however, wouldn't be AC-related - and more to do with Unity's Animator parameters system. I'd recommend going through Unity's own docs/tutorials to learn more about this if you're new to Unity.

  • Thank you again for your help! I think I'll try the first method just to start out

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