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Video cutscene between scenes?

My game will be set in a city environment and I am thinking about having some animated cutscenes, e.g. a tram departing from a tram stop, etc. What is the best way for this, considering that I might need cross device compatibility (PC, WebGL and mobile?) Animated sprites are the best way I suppose? Not actual video files, right? Any experience with this?


  • AC can certainly handle video files on mobile, but whether you do or not is more down to file-size constraints. A compressed video vs animating only select parts of the screen would be a design choice.

    Either way, best to show these in dedicated scenes. So you'd switch from e.g. scene "Train station A" to "Train moves cutscenes", and then onto "Train station B".

    One thing to note about movie clips, however, is that the way they're referenced on WebGL is different to the way they're referenced on other platforms, in that you need to supply a url rather than a video asset. The Engine: Play movie clip Action will update to reflect this change when switching to the WebGL platform.

  • I see, thanks! A full screen animated sprite would be less ideal? Better use a video file?
  • It depends on the length, but with compression I don't think you'd have an issue.

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