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Accessing menus during gameplay

Hi there!

I am using Unity 2019.3.0f6 and Adventure Creator 1.70.1

I am trying to build menus that are controlled by custom scripts (i.e., setting the texts myself, not using AC's system because I want to use TextMeshPro). So I created a bunch of menus and am basically just using TurnOn() and TurnOff(), which works fine!


I am using Prefabs for the menus. But when I try to set the texts it does not work. Behavior is weird, sometimes I write a change and it doesn't show, but when I restart the game the text is suddenly set to the supposed values. Here's how I am trying to set the text:

itemDisplay = AC.PlayerMenus.GetMenuWithName("Inventory").canvas.GetComponentInChildren();

It works like a charm when I do it like this, but I would like to avoid GameObject.Find()

itemDisplay = GameObject.Find("InventoryUI").GetComponentInChildren();

So my guess is that AC.PlayerMenus gives me the prefab of my menu, not the instance? I also tried AC.KickStarter.MenuManager.GetMenuWithID(), which resulted in equal results.

-> How can I get the currently used instance of a menu via AC? <-

Thank you for creating this awesome asset!



  • I just saw that the markdown hides the type specifier of GetComponentInChildren - but there is one! :-)

  • So my guess is that AC.PlayerMenus gives me the prefab of my menu, not the instance?

    This should be true when accessing MenuManager, but not when accessing PlayerMenus. However, you need to access the Menu's RuntimeCanvas property - not canvas, which is indeed the Canvas prefab. I shall look to make this distinction more obvious.

    because I want to use TextMeshPro

    AC supports TextMeshPro - just define TextMeshProIsPresent as a Scripting Define Symbol. See the Manual's "Supported third-party assets" chapter for more.

  • Hi Chris,

    thank you so much - that's great. I thought there was no TextMeshPro support because I had researched it and only found posts on this forum where it was not yet there - in one you said you might do it some day. Glad that it's here! Maybe it would be a good idea to make it a bit easier to find :-)


  • It's all in the Manual.

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