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Cursor icon follow the mouse while the interaction is active

Problem: I have multiple hotspots. Each one activates different **interactions **text shown as subtitles. The problem is when a subtitle/interaction (skippable by tapping) is on and at the same time I tap/click on another hotspot - the subtitle is skipped but the cursor icon activates and follows the mouse (in mobile, the cursor stays on/active on that region).

If I click to another part of the screen (without hotspot/interaction), everything is good (interaction is skipped, the cursor icon don't appear/follow the mouse cursor or stay in that position).

When I deactivate the skippable interaction, the problem doesn't occur.

I'm using a Context-sensitive (interaction method) with the touch screen input method and skippable interaction. AC 1.70 / Unity 2018.4

What I want to achieve is that when I click to another hotspot (the cursor icon disappear after I remove the tap/click or in the case of the mouse - don't follow the cursor)


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    This would require some custom scripting to override the cursor's position - see the Manual's "Remapping inputs" chapter. The code would be different for mobile vs desktop platforms, but here's a sample for the mobile platform:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class FixCursorCutscenePosition : MonoBehaviour
        private Vector2 lastPosition;
        private void Start ()
            KickStarter.playerInput.InputTouchPositionDelegate = My_InputTouchPosition;
        private Vector2 My_InputTouchPosition (int index)
            if (Input.touchCount > index)
                if (KickStarter.stateHandler.IsInGameplay ())
                    if (index == 0) lastPosition = Input.GetTouch (index).position;
                    return Input.GetTouch (index).position;
                return lastPosition;

    This records the last-tapped position when during gameplay, and returns this same position when a cutscene is playing. Does this have the desired effect, provided the Hotspot Interactions block gameplay? Note that it won't work when testing in the Editor.

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    Dear Chris, after I tried to put the fix I got an error:

    No overload for 'My_InputTouchPosition' matches delegate 'PlayerInput.InputTouchPositionDelegate'

    on the line from Start()

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    Update to the latest release and it should compile.

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