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"Rigging" an existing photo for a 2.5D game?

I have started to create a 2.5D game based on the 2.5D tutorial and I think I get most of the concepts.
What I am stuggling with is to reuse existing photos as backdrops. At the first iteration, I would use already available photos of places, just to get a good grip of the concepts and to have a prototype ready for the other team members so that they also get a feeling what is possible.
I got interior and exterior photos like the below:

Unfortunately, the focal length and the sensor size of the photo is not available, so I am not sure what is the best way to eyeball the correct perspective and navmesh sizes from photos like the above.
Should I first create a box and try to align all sides of the box as closely as possible? Should I try to get the FOV right somehow (but how)? The angle of e.g. the above photo is also not right in the center, a bit to the left and to the bottom maybe. Do I mitigate this by trying to move the camera on one plane of the box to an approximately good position?
Any ideas? :)

Or should I forget this and try to use photos where at least I know the focal length and sensor size so that I can calculate the FOV? And then have proper measurements of the dimensions of the place (BTW, how do you translate world sizes, e.g. length and width in meters to the navmesh dimensions? what is the ideal scale?)



  • I got a few attempts, and they are not too bad, but I don't understand what is exactly off, when it's off. See the below screenshot:

    On the screenshot, we see the navmesh (box) correctly baked and should represent the area where the player can move. Yet as you can see, at least visually, the player can go further away from the area shown. Why? What is wrong? The size of the navmesh? The height? The FOV of the camera?


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    Without real-world camera values, getting a correct look is often a case of trial-and-error.

    IIRC, though, there are a few third-party tools that can guess 3D spaces from photographs. There's also one on the Asset Store:

    For the case above, where the Player appears to be going beyond the NavMesh - does this occur if you drop in the 3D Demo game's Player prefab, Tin Pot? He can be found in /AdventureCreator/Demo/Resources.

    If he exhibits the same issue, then the problem will be related to the scene. If not, it will be related to your own Player.

    Can you share some images of the issue from the Scene window? I can't determine from this if this is a camera perspective issue - looking more top-down, how far away from the Player from the baked NavMesh?

  • Thanks, with indeed lots of trial and error, I was able to get it right more or less. :) And thanks for the tip on the asset. Has someone used it in conjunction with AC?

  • Hi bbence, 2.5d toolkit integrates perfectly with AC, it allows us to build 2.5d environment very quickly. I am a big supporter of 2.5d games because my opinion is that they allow us to work on a game and finish it more easily and quickly than a 3d game. When I started working with AC, I immediately realized that the biggest problem was the navmesh and place 3D objects (everything else is well managed by AC, which I consider the best asset to create adventure games on assetstore). So I started trying to build navmesh with many plans side by side trying to give the necessary shape for my background image, then I ran into the trouble of placing sprites and 3d objects in sceneview. So I thought of writing an asset that would allow me to easily create my navmesh and to place objects simply by dragging them with the mouse. I have thus written 2.5d toolkit. If you want to see a simple demo of how it integrates better with AC I have published a short video that simulates a scene of Broken Sword 5. You can find it from the link published above by Chris. If you need clarification to understand if the asset will be useful to you, write me.

  • Thanks! I already purchased 2.5D toolkit, and will give it a shot soon. :)

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