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All Hotspots shows an icon that appear at the beginning of the scene or at specified time


Currently, I'm using 'Display Hotspot icons' set to Always, 'Hotspot icon type' - Texture
I want to achieve the following thing:

When the scene starts, all the hotspots icons appear for few seconds and after that disappear. Also, if it's possible to put a global variable that offers the player to set-up the time when the hotspots icons appear again for a few seconds.
It's like a little help/clue for the active objects from the scene, but I don't want to bother the player with too many icons on the display.

AC 1.70
Unity 2018.4.17f1


  • I figure out how to approach my own request by using invokerepeating and/or coroutine methods.
    Now I have a problem with selecting specific hotspots. I don't want all of them. How can I select specific hotspots?

    To set icon visibility for all hotspots I use the following code:

    hotspots = FindObjectsOfType(typeof(Hotspot)) as Hotspot[];
            foreach (Hotspot hotspot in hotspots)
                hotspot.SetIconVisibility(false, speed);
  • You can assign specific Hotspots with a special tag e.g. "FlashMe". Your script can then check for this tag, i.e.:

    if (hotspot.tag == "FlashMe")
        hotspot.SetIconVisibility(false, speed);

    Be aware that you can also have Hotspots flash up momentarily with the FlashHotspots input, regardless of the Display Hotspot icons field value. This input can be simulated through script:

    AC.KickStarter.playerInput.SimulateInputButton ("FlashHotspots");
  • Thank you for the tip, Chris.
    One more question regarding the search by tag: what about memory costs? It's faster? for example if I have more than 100 hotspots will be very slow?

  • You'd certainly want to cache your hotspots rather than gather them every frame.

    Actually, the StateHandler already does this - you can rely on this instead of your own variable:

    int numHotspots = KickStarter.stateHandler.Hotspots.Count;
    for (int i=0; i<numHotspots; i++)
        KickStarter.stateHandler.Hotspots[i].SetIconVisibility(false, speed);
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