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Request: define specific / different unhandled use interactions in hotspot.

Hi! Here's a suggestion.
I have many use verbs and I have defined a default unhandled interaction for each one in the cursor menu.
But then, if I want to customize the unhandled use in a hotspot component, I can only do that for general use, so it overrides all my default unhandled use interactions (use, pick up, talk to, push, pull, etc.), even when I just want to define an unhandled use for just one verb (i. e., I want the player to respond "I'm allergic to cats" only when the command is "pick up cat").
I was thinking that, if doable, it would be great to be able to either:
1) on a hotspot, define one unhandled use interaction for a specific verb and let the rest fall on default use interactions, or
2) be able to define different unhandled use interactions on a hotspot.



  • edited February 13

    Sorry, I just realized what a silly suggestion this is and now I can't delete the post. I was basically describing an actual use interaction that I can create for a hotspot. I guess I spent too much time working on my game today and I burned out! sorry chris. Feel free to delete this post.

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