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Hotspot not showing when mouseover


I have this small issue I really cannot solve:
In my my whole scene there are plenty of hotspots, but only 3 are without a sprite as a son, without being referenced to an object, they are just put on the background and they refer to a specific part of it.
These 3 hotspots give the troubles.
At the time one is working correctly, and the other two are not even showing when the player go with the mouse over them.
Strange thing is: if try to change something (giving a different layer or maybe add a child to the hotspots), one hotspot start to work, but then the other one stops working.

This is the hotspot without the child that is correctly working:

This is the hostpot NOT working:

This is the hospot usually working, with the related sprite son:

Since these 3 images are so fucking similar, i thought the only differences were:
1) the fact that the 3 hotspost don't have a child
2) The 3 hotspots are all near by in the scene. Here:

So I thought what can be over there that is creating problems. There is only a light and another sprite (other than the background spirte). Here they are:

Other funfact:
If I move one of the not-working hotspot of a few pixel down, it will work on mouse over, only the part moved, as the game recognize there is something underneath the hotspot (but there isn't).

I hope i explained myself well enough.
I'm still thinking the problem is in the "order in layer", but i don't know how to solve it.

Ask me more about the project if necessary.

Thank you a lot


  • What are your AC and Unity version numbers?

    Nothing looks wrong so far as the Hotspot Inspector images go - but what do these look like at runtime? A "Hotspot State: On/Off" box should appear at runtime in the Inspector to clearly let you know of its state.

    It does sound like something is blocking the raycasting, but such blocks should only be made by Colliders on the same layer ("Default", by default).

    I'm not clear from your in-game image on where exactly the Hotspots are - I only see one on the right of the door.

    Probably best for me to see this for myself. If you can create a .unitypackage file of the scene + your Manager asset files, PM it to me and I'll take a look.

    Separately: please try to avoid bad language - I appreciate issues can be frustrating, but I would like to keep this forum family-friendly.

  • Yes, i'm sorry for bad language, didn't realize i used it.

    I have 1.70.2 and Unity 2019.1.0f2, but i have the same problem since the old versions.

    I tried to check what is happening runtime, but it seems the Hotspot state is On.

    I tried, at runtime, to uncheck and then check again the BoxCollider box, in the inspector (deactivate it and then reactivate it). After that, the Hotspot is correctly working.

    And sorry for the bad image, it's true you couldn't understand where the hotspots were. The other two are simply near by the one you can see.

    I'm going to PM you with the unitypackage

    Thank you a lot


    I had Collision Cubes in that spot, set on the "Default" layer, which was blocking Hotspot clicks.

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