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Change Title Screen Based on Save File/Progress

Hello Folks,

I'm currently working on a game that divides itself up into chapters as the player progresses. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to change the title screen on load to reflect the user's current progress, ie, a different title background for chapter 2 than chapter 1.

I was looking at some of the built-in Actions available for Save, but while it looked like I could check to see a particular save count or profile's existence, I wasn't sure if I could say, reference a save file name to get current chapter, etc.

Appreciate any thoughts anyone has.


  • It's possible to access save data contents through code, but I'm not sure that's the answer - because how do you determine which save is the "correct" one to read?

    What you can try instead is to create a Global Integer variable named e.g. "Current Chapter" that is used to record which of the game's chapters the Player has reached. If you then set it's Link to field to Options Data, then this variable's value is recorded as part of your Options (profile) data, and is independent of any save game files.

    This means its value will be loaded upon booting up the game - so you can check its value in your title screen to adjust things accordingly.

    For more on this topic, see the Manual's "Variable linking" chapter.

  • Wonderful, thanks Chris!

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