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Advanced 3rd Person Cam: How To Face Object?

Is there a way to get the advanced third person camera to face an object, or alter it's angle in an action? I'm basically trying to reset it's angle when it stops being in use, similar to the Set initial direction when active? option, only I can't actually use that because when it is in use, and the player enters a trigger that switches back to it, there is a somewhat disorienting jolt as the camera resets to it's exact original angle (if you remember this was a feature in a recent update) essentially this: [] only I'm using Advanced TP instead of first person.

Basically, I want to recreate the Set initial direction when active? without actually using that, if that makes sense. Otherwise, when the player switches back to using it again, they are looking at the floor, or ceiling, or whatever angle it was at last.


  • I found a way around this for now by just enabling & disabling the Set initial direction option in an animation on the camera.

  • I updated it recently with new options in place, including the ability to take the existing (previous) camera's rotation when switching to it.

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