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"Set Interaction Parameters" component keeps resetting itself

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I am trying to use the "set interaction parameters" component as follows:

  • I have 40 hotspots.
  • All of them point to exactly the same use interaction.
  • This use interaction expects a total of nine parameters: 3 Game objects, 2 integers and 4 unity objects (materials, to be precise)
  • Each of the 40 hotspots has a "set interaction parameters" component attached, and the nine parameter slots required by the common use interaction show up as desired …

… but I cannot set their content, because whenever I click on any (!) of the ☉ buttons (those that bring up the object selection popups), the whole component gets reset.

To be clear: this reset does not happen when I choose a new object from the popup, but already by simply clicking on one of the ☉ buttons. So I can never set more than 1 out of 7 objects plus the 2 integers (after the reset, all object slots reset to "None" and the integers reset to "-1" ).

So effectively, the component "refuses" to get set.

I have tried reducing the number of parameters and/or referring to an ActionList asset and other stuff, but the behaviour persists.


  • Oh, and I am running AC 1.70.2 on a Unity 2019.3 on a Mac 10.13.6

  • Thanks for the report. Is your Interaction a scene-based ActionList, or an asset file? And does the resetting of one component affect the data of another?

    I shall attempt a recreation, but if you could PM me a .unitypackage of the scene file to test with, that would be great.

  • Thanks, Chris.

    It is a scene-based ActionList, which later extends to both scene-based and asset ActionLists.
    AFAICT, there is no effect on other components' data.

    To which address do you want me to send the package?

  • Just PM it to me by clicking "Message" in my profile page, thanks.

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