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AudioClip in TextScrollOverride

Ok. Now I'm getting lost in this :'( . I'm trying to use a sound in "TextScrollOverride", so my player play a sound when it speaks. But when I assign a sound it doesn't play with it... I have attached to Player SoundChild, tried to use as MP3 and WAV, but nothing :S. I haven't any issue with all the sounds I'm using (ambience sounds, soundclips, footstep and run sounds, etc...), but I'm really suffering with this :'( . Is there a tutorial for character sounds? Am I missing to activate something? Is there need to be some special extension or be in a special folder?


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    The "Text scroll override" overrides the global setting you can assign for all characters at the top of the Speech Manager.

    Both kinds of "Text scroll" audio are UI sounds. As such, they're played from the scene's "Default Sound" when Subtitles are displayed and scrolling.

    A Default Sound can be created and assigned inside the Scene Manager. If one is not assigned, but text scroll audio is attempted, the Console should warn you about this.

    If one is assigned but you're not hearing anything, make sure that its AudioSource component's "Spacial Blend" setting is set all the way to "2D", so that it's unaffected by distance from the camera.

  • So its just a sound for all characters? Can be one sound per character?

  • The audio clip can be per-character, but the Sound object it's played on is used by all.

  • So I have to attach many sounds to one sound object? Is any tutorial explaining how to do that?
  • Just click "Create" beside "Default Sound" in the Scene Manager. That's it - so long as that's created, and you have AudioClips assigned in either the Character's Inspector, or the Speech Manager, scrolling audio should then play.

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