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Compatibility with Universal Render Pipleine?

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to ask if anyone has managed to make AC work with URP? My camera is not rendering anything except the UI. The preview window renders the scene correctly and I made sure the camera is in the correct Z position (screenshot:
Everything works as intended when I disable URP and every non-AC project works fine as well. I don't know what else to try.


  • There shouldn't be. AC still relies on Unity for rendering - so any graphical issues like this ought to be Unity-related only.

    Is the camera in your screenshot the MainCamera?

    Does the issue occur if you place a camera / sprite down in the same way in a fresh scene, without involving AC?

    Any difference with using a Perspective camera? What's the background's material?

  • Thank you Chris, looks like the project got bugged out for some reason. I started a new one and it works perfectly now.

  • I'm using it with my 2D project. The sprites require the new 2D lights in order to be seen, could that be it?

  • edited February 8
    Was thinking of doing the same thing, any tips for stuff to look out for in general?

    Thanks a bunch!
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