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Sliders not updating

Since moving to UnityUI my sliders are no longer working with AC. I have a health bar that slowly goes down overtime, but with using an AC menu with Unityui as the source, it's not updating at all yet everything is attached and the actionlist is running, the variable is still being updated, etc. When switching back to AC as the source, it goes down fine so I'm not sure what the problem is or if it's a glitch with AC?

Also, not sure if anyone can help with this but text is now pretty unclear/a little blurry compared to using AC as the source. Using AC as the source makes text crystal clear, compared to using it with UnityUI where it really isn't. I tried enabling rich text but that didnt work either?


  • You need to set your Slider component's "Max value" to match that of the properties in the Menu Manager, i.e. 100.

    The Menu Manager property only affects the Float variable's maximum value, not the UI component itself.

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