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Second player character has stopped recognising hotspots

Thanks for your help with the myriad of issues my game has, Chris. But I've come across another that doesn't make sense.

My second player character; Lilith, has an issue with her hotspots. She will only recognise the first couple of hotspots she comes into contact with when in scene, but will not recognise any others once she leaves those boundaries. Even the hotspots she was originally in will no longer be recognised after that.

Is there any actions or code that could be causing something like this?


  • There's no such issue with the first Player character? What if you make Lilith the default Player?

    What "boundaries" are you referring to? Do any of the Hotspots use "Interactive boundaries", and what is your "Hotspot detection method" set to?

    Is there any difference with such a Hotspot once it is not recognised? Does it's layer change to "Ignore Raycast" or anything like that?

    Please provide full details on your exact set up - there's not enough here for me to go on.

  • Sorry for the quick explanation.

    The interaction boundaries. When spawning in for the first time as Lilith. She will recognise Sonja and the car hotspot interactions. The detection method is set to Player Vicinity and all NPCs and hotspots were assigned interactive boundaries.

    However, when they did have them. Sonja could not detect any hotspots either. Even when within the boundaries. After some tests, I found that she did not recognise the hotspots when an interactive boundary is set. When I removed them, Sonja and Lilith did recognise them. However, now it seems that Lilith will even recognise the Lilith NPC object even when they should be hidden far below the scene.

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    Please see above:

    Is there any difference with such a Hotspot once it is not recognised? Does it's layer change to "Ignore Raycast" or anything like that?

    I'm really not clear on your wording. Assuming this was working before, what did you change? Steps to recreate the issue would be best.

  • For the "Interactive boundary" to work, the Player must have a Collider component attached - a Character Controller is not enough.

    Also, at least either the Player - or the Interactive Boundary itself - must have a Rigidbody component. If you attach this to the Boundary, you can make it Kinematic and disable Gravity so that it doesn't move.

  • I tried running the character through the character wizard again and then resetting all of the interaction boundaries again with kinematic enabled and a capsule collider with all characters and that seems to have fixed the issue. Which is strange since each character had those to begin with.

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