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Cutscenes duplicating themselves inside... But why?

I got this weird thing twice now: I open a cutscene just to find that all actions within have duplicated. So under each node there's another one with the same command. You can only see it when you drag the nodes to the side that their exact same copies are hiding beneath them...

Same happens to all interactions and triggers... And since it's a very large scene, there's a lot of it to go through and delete. Here's a screenshot to demonstrate:

Why does this happen and how to prevent it in the future? Could it be caused by project being made in colab with another dev?

Unity 2019.2.15f1 , AC v 1.69.5


  • What were the conditions that caused this to happen? Without knowing much else, I can only speculate.

    ActionLists themselves shouldn't be duplicating like that, but I can't rule out this occuring if you've merged changes made to a scene - what source-control are you using?

    Scene-based ActionLists work by storing Actions within the scene file itself, so I suppose it could be possible.

    It may not be this at all, of course - and may even be more an issue with Unity. However, working with ActionList asset files instead should prevent this if so. The cog menu in the Inspector can convert a scene-based ActionList to an asset file, and a scene-based ActionList can have it's "Actions Source" field set to "Asset File" so that you can reference an asset from there.

  • Well, that's the thing - I did nothing in particular. My collab partner does mostly graphics and mainly in seperate scenes, to avoid conflicts. He rarely touches action lists. We use DiffMerge to resolve conflicts, but we've not had any for a good while.

    I'll convert all scene-based ActionLists into asset file ones. But will it not slow everything down when everything will automatically be given a constant ID in the process? (like, every marker, every hotspot, cameras that don't even need it, etc ?...)

  • I shouldn't think it'd be by any perceptible amount. But if you can share steps to recreate the issue, I can look into a proper solution - though again, this may be a by-product of Unity itself.

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