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Title screen menu showing only if not "Maximize On Play"

edited February 4 in Technical Q&A

I'm having a particular bug.

I followed this tutorial:
Everything went well. I have a scene just with a background picture and the menu.

I play the game minimized and the menu is working correctly, the scene change and the game start.
But if i press "Maximize On Play", the menu is not showing anymore. At all.

I managed to let it appear in both ways, only going on the "title" menu and unchecking "Pausa game when Enabled?".
But then of course, the game is not paused. I don't get why this is happening.

I share a link with some images of the Title menu, the OnStart cutscene that shows the title menu and settings in the AC Game Editor.

Here is a video showing the problem:

It is maybe something on the project settings?

It is maybe an order in layer too low?
I have images in the background with order in layer of 16.

I have last version of Unity and AC

Any help will be appreciated.



  • I will attempt a recreation. Does this occur if you restart Unity, and then set "Maximize On Play" before running the game for the first time - or in builds?

  • Recreated. In the meantime, precede the Menu: Change state Action with an Engine: Wait Action with a wait time of -1.

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