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Best practices for Unity Audio mixers in complex games

Hey everyone!

Since we are about to begin producing SFX and music for our game we plan to do some research on audio mixers and how to properly use them in Unity. Because we didn't find much useful information we decided to write this post and ask you guys about this stuff.

We're making a 2D point & click adventure game that has over 120 scenes, each one having lots of audio in form of environment, music, effects & speech.
Our main dilemma is whether to use a single audio mixer or many. Since there are so many different scenes and types of audio it would make sense to use more than one. For example: Music, SFX, Speech.
This way it would be more transparent and structured.
On the other hand having one mixer is more performant.

How do you guys use mixers in your games that have lots of sounds and scenes?

We would really appreciate any opinions! :smile:


  • AC allows for the use of three separate AudioMixers for Music, SFX and Speech. These can linked to a shared "Master" mixer to control them all at once, or individually.

    See the Manual's "Sounds" chapter for more.

  • Thanks, we already knew that :) We ended up coming up with a "plan" that combines using a "master" audio mixer, which's volume(attenuation) is controlled by AC (what you described) and several sub-mixers for different areas of the game.
    This would look something like shown on this diagram:

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