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Suggestion: Categories for global vars

edited January 31 in Technical Q&A
Currently we have to use prefixes for categorization of global vars and select them all from the same really (really) long list. I would love to be able to specify our own categories that vars could then be placed in.

All current global vars could by default be put in the "General" or "Uncategorized" category by default.

Under the hood they could still be handled just the same as now just with a category id added to the class representing a variable. So it's really just a visual thing, but one that gives the creator much better structure.

Thanks for listening :smiley:


  • Could I add my vote for this type of feature (or something like it) too please?

    I also use prefixes, and sort order, to group global variables, but even so, once you get to a certain point (when the drop-down list stretches to more than one screen-full), it becomes a right royal pain to scroll through the list trying to find the precise one you want when doing any variable processing in ActionLists

    It would make life a whole lot easier if the drop-down lists could be limited by category, as @kloot has suggested

  • Have you seen this excerpt from the Manual's "Variables overview" chapter?

    Placing forward-slashes in a variable's name will cause the slash to turn into a divider when listed in Actions. For example, the label "Options/IsFullScreen" will place it in an "Options" hierarchy. This makes it much easier when referencing them.

  • edited February 1

    good grief! i've just tried it, and you know what? adding slashes DOES have that effect

    if only it was in the manual, or something



    i think i DID read the manual once... some years ago... in the olden times... anyway, i'm off to add slashes to ALL my variable names now...

  • Wow - can't believe I missed this in the manual! 👏

  • Do you need to include the slash when referencing these variables in action lists, or do you just refer to the variable as normal?

  • All you need to do is to change the variable names in the Variable Manager, to insert slashes as appropriate, and the relevant ActionList drop-down lists will then be populated already grouped (apart from a little bug I've noted elsewhere)

    What is even more awesome is that you can use multiple slashes in the names (at least two, I've not tried any more than that)

    So, for instance, I've now got variables called "Game/Secrets/Found" and "Game/Secrets/Max"

    They get grouped in the drop-down list under "Game", and then a SubHeading of "Secrets". It makes it really easy to group similar variables together, and makes them a LOT easier to find

  • Useful indeed, though I can't take credit for it. This behaviour is standard for Unity popup fields.

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