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Different kind of bugs with "Action list: run in parallel". Where can i learn more about it?

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I am building a complex OnStart Cut-Scene, with more than one "Run in parallel" action, sometimes nested.
Now, the problem is: since i added parallel actions, they never work as expected.

There are a lot of different bugs, and when i solve one bug changing some parameters; changing the order of the actions; checking or unchecking "wait until finish"; trying to reduce the number of parallel action..., another bug comes out.
Sometimes, when I solve one bug at the end of the cutscene, another bug comes out at the beginning of it.

I'm not writing here to solve all these bugs one by one, even because I cannot really write you which bugs happens, because there are a lot and every time different.
Just some examples.
This is one of the bugs:
Or maybe some times the player doesn't play the animation, sometimes it move to one point instead of teleporting, sometimes the animation doesn't stop as expected.

The main problem is that everyone of these bugs sometimes happens but sometimes not. Even if I don't change nothing.
For example, if I'm looking at the Game Tab, while playing, the bug happen, but if i'm looking at the Console Tab, everything works fine.

So i'm thinking the problem is located in the parallel action's executing order. Since they are asynchronous - i guess - if during gameplay one action is executed before one other, it works correctly, otherwise not.

So, i'm here to ask you: WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT IT?
I'm new in the game workflow, and i'm new with AC, and i'm sure I miss a loooot of stuff to know. Where can i read more about parallel actions, action lists, animations in the action list to understand how they work?
Am i missing something very big, that i don't know?
Any help would be gold.

I'm not giving you anything about my project just because the purpose is not solving the bugs directly, but if you want to know anything, just ask me.

I just updated to the last version both Unity and AC.

Thanks a lot for any help you can give me.


  • While such a node's output Actions are processed in the same frame, they are still processed in order. For example, if a "Character: Move to point" and "Object: Teleport" Action were used in parallel, the behaviour would vary based on the order that they're listed in. This is also true when skipping ActionLists - "chains" will be processed left-to-right, if auto-arranged.

    One way to avoid parallel Action chains, and to simplify your ActionList, is to break them up into smaller lists and call them with the ActionList: Run Action.

    Other than that, there shouldn't be much more to "learn more" about - certainly, you shouldn't get a difference in behaviour depending on whether or not the AC Game Editor window is open. I really do need details - steps to recreate, at the very least - on the specific issues you're facing in order to look into them properly.

  • Thank you, I'll continue work on that Actionlist, and i will try to simplify it, dividing it on various action lists.

    If i can isolate one specific bug, i'll write here or on another discussion.

    Just one other question: I struggled to find my action list code.
    I found all the scripts about all the specific Actions (ActionParallel, ActionCharAnim, ecc..).
    But is there a place where all these classes are instantiated and the method called with the specific parameters of my action list?
    I hope the question is clear enough.

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    Scene-based ActionLists are stored in ActionList classes (or subclasses of).

    Asset-based lists in ActionListAsset classes. When run, a RuntimeActionList class, a subclass of ActionList, is generated for the local instance of that asset.

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