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(Tocuhpad) Previous hotspot label flashes for a frame before updating.

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This is very minor but worth mentioning. When choosing touch pad as the input method and also "choose hotspot then interaction", the hotspot label flashes the previous label for a frame, as if the UI is updating a little earlier than the label change. This does not happen using a mouse/keyboard input.
I think I've seen something like this mentioned somewhere before but couldn't find it.
I am using v1.70.2.


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    I meant to write touchSCREEN instead of touchpad, tried to amend that but the edit button is not showing up.

  • At what point does the label flash wrongly? And does this occur only in builds, or in the Editor as well?

    Let's see some screens of the Settings Manager, and Hotspot menu's properties, so that I can attempt a recreation.

  • It flashes right away for a split second when you tap the hotspot, both in builds and Editor.

    Settings Manager:

    Hotspot Properties:


  • Thanks, I'll attempt a recreation.

  • May have fixed this, but I'd like you to test it if you can.

    In MenuLabel.cs, find line 408 and insert the following code block:

    if (parentMenu != null && parentMenu.appearType == AppearType.OnInteraction)
        if (parentMenu.TargetHotspot != null && parentMenu.TargetHotspot != KickStarter.playerInteraction.GetActiveHotspot ())

    Does that resolve the issue?

  • Thank you Chris! I tested and it didn't solve the issue, but being that in this project I have customization in the hotspot label, I went ahead and tested it on the 2d demo, and it works. So I'll have to see what is different in my project.

  • Just an update, I played around then it ocurred to me to add a transition (I had none) so that the first frame the label is invisible. And it worked!

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