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Using loading screen only between certain scenes?

edited January 27 in Technical Q&A

Hi Chris:)
Is there a way how to use a loading screen or loading scene only between certain scenes of my game?

As an example, I have some scenes that are heavy and some are not. So the waiting/loading time between some scenes are short and between some is around 5-10 seconds, so I have to wait for a little bit. But I want to apply the loading screen only for heavy scenes. Is there a way to choose where I want to use a loading screen and where not?

Another example is to use a loading screen only when you have reached some important point (or scene) but all other scenes should stay ordinarily without a loading screen. Can I do this somehow?


  • You can change the value of the Use loading screen? field through script:

    AC.KickStarter.settingsManager.useLoadingScreen = true; // or false

    This is true for any Settings Manager field: just right-click on a field's label to get an API reference to it.

    You can place such code in a public C# script function, add it as a component to your scene, and then trigger it in your ActionList using the Object: Send message or Object: Call event Actions.

  • edited January 29

    Thank you Chris, I'll try! :)

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