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AC and Text Animator

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Hey there,

I recently bought to make parts of text animate during dialogue. It's fairly simple to integrate with Text Mesh Pro UI, and I used the scripting define symbol to make AC work with Text Mesh Pro too, but I have a question:

The animation is done with tags in the text. So like using <wave>some text</wave>. If I enter those tags directly into a UI prefab and hit play, it works, but when I enter them into actionlist dialogue or hotspot names, they don't. Does AC do any sort of stripping of unknown data from the strings before passing it to the UI, or something else that gets them lost in translation? Because the tags I enter in dialogue and hotspots texts do not actually appear in the final ingame text, but they also do not have the desired effect.


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    So you're still relying on a TextMeshPro UGUI component to display the text?

    What is your AC version, and is your text set to scroll in the Speech Manager?

    AC does strip tags, but only those defined in the GameEngine's Dialog component. This also only applies to speech text, so it should have no effect on Hotspot labels.

    Though I don't have the Text Animator asset itself, I have no issue displaying a label named e.g. <wave>Test</wave> in the Hotspot's Label (if not name) field when using TMPro vanilla. Is this the same for you?

  • I've been working on integrating this asset before (see this thread: and actually have bought a copy of Adventure Creator for the author of Text Animator to see if it's possible to integrate it better than I've managed.

    You have to use a workaround with a hidden textfield outside the play view, and use a script to copy the text over to the TxtMeshPro textfield with the Text Animator component as for now. I hope the author will find a better way to make it work more out of the box, but it is possible to get it to work if you're prepared to do some scripting and setup.

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