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Adding quizzes ?

Hi all.

I want to add quizzes that pop up for users during game play.

Does AC have a interface for this.

Creating this from scratch isn't hard, but I want to know if AC has something built in I can use.

Loving the asset so far !


  • Welcome to the community, @AsapCode.

    If you're just talking about having a list of options for the player to choose from, you can use the Conversation system for this.

    Though primarily used for dialogue options, the Conversation system is essentially just a means of allowing the player to choose from a list of options. Conversations can also be timed (see the opening of the 3D Demo).

    Tutorials on Conversations can be found here.

    If you want to make a separate "Quiz" menu just for this Conversation's display, you can do so in the Menu Manager - keep it locked by default (so that it doesn't show up normally), and then unlock it using the Menu: Change state Action to have it appear when the active Conversation is a quiz.

    Showing the question can be done in a couple of ways. You could just display it with speech (Dialogue: Play speech Action) and then use the [hold] tag in the text to have it linger while the options show. See the Manual's "Text tokens" chapter for more on this.

    Alternatively, you could define a Global String or PopUp variable in the Variable Manager to store the question text, and then add a Label element to your Quiz/Conversation menu that displays this variable's value. You could then use the Variable: Set Action just before showing the menu to update the question's text.

  • Thanks Chris, I'll work on this over the weekend
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