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Control AC Mouse Directly

Hi Chris!

I'm adding direct control to all of my menus. However, one menu will require the AC mouse to be controlled through direct means. Another issue I have is that for the conversation menu to be usable by the keyboard or joystick, regular gameplay must be turned off. But this also means that I cannot move a simulated AC mouse to direct a camera and select hotspots.

The menu that I'm working on is this:

In direct, the player should be able to control the conversation menu on the left with the left joystick and control an AC mouse locked in the right side window panning the camera.

Is it possible to control the AC mouse with direct controls while being able to navigate a conversation menu?


  • To enable direct-control of in-game Menus, use the Engine: Manage systems Action. See the Manual's "Navigating menus directly" chapter for more.

    If your Input method is set to Keyboard Or Controller, the AC mouse is controlled via the CursorHorizontal / CursorVertical input axes.

    Alternatively, you can override the InputMousePositionDelegate to set the mouse position however you like - see the "WorldSpaceCursorExample" script's use of the CustomMousePosition function as an example, as well as the Manual's "Remapping inputs" chapter.

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