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Extra parameter

Hello community,

Is there a possible way we could add extra parameters? nothing complicated just to separate the walk/movement parameter from the Running parameter, just like classic games when you press forward you only walk, and when you press forward + any other button you run, because in AC Player script "mecanim parameters" there is only "move speed float", "turn float", "talk bool" and "jump bool". I want the "walk" and "run" each to have their own parameters. is it possible?


  • The Player component only deals with parameters that AC will control - you can still add whatever parameters you like to the Animator Controller, and manipulate them however you like.

    I'm not clear on what you mean about separating walk/run parameters though - the "Move speed float" is just a speed parameter, so it'll just vary with speed. How it is used - whether to play a walk/run/idle animation - is down to the way your Controller is configured.

  • No no what I'm trying to say is, there is only one place for one parameter in the "movement speed float" field right? So If I want to make the player walk Id have to make a transition between the "Idle" and "walk" animations and make a new parameter in the animator controller and name it "speed" and then place the parameter in the "movement speed float" field, correct? So what if I want to add another animation which is "Run" animation, if I used the same parameter that I made for the walking animation it would go straight from idle to run and skip the walking animation.. and what I want to achieve is to press forward to walk and forward + another button (for example) "E" to run..

  • Oh I'm such a dull... All I had to do was just define "Run" in the input manger and it worked. Sorry for the inconvenience..

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