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Record Transform to a Variable


I've experienced a strange issue. I recorded my player's transform and rotation to 1-1 Vector 3 variables with Object: Record transform. Firstly, when I teleport a Gameobject into this position and rotation it works well, after I set them 0,0,0 to initialize. Secondly (without quit play mode) my player will transform to other place, where is the transform's and rotation's value is 2x like before. Like if something multiplies by two. Third times the system gives more like secondtimes into these variables. As I wrote I don't use methods, counts, etc...only Object: Record transform.

Has somebody experienced something similar?


  • What are your AC and Unity version numbers?

    Is the Vector3 variable's value actually correct, and the Player is moving to different values - or is the Vector3 value incorrect, but the Player is moving to this same value?

    The Vector3 variable can be set from the GameObject's position in either global or local space.

    When a Vector3 variable is used in the Object: Teleport Action by setting the Position relative to field to Vector Variable, this value is added to the position of the Teleport to Marker. To have the Player be teleported to only the Vector3 variable's position, use a Marker that is located at the scene's origin.

    Let's see screenshots of everything if there's still an issue.

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