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New update caused issues in manual script

I've just updated AC to 70.1 and I now have 80 errors in my scripts that use AC all saying the same thing
I think it's this sentence: AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.GatherObjects ();

Is there something I should update it to?


  • What were you updating from?

    That's a function that's long-since been removed. You don't need to call it anymore.

  • Does it do it automatically now then? I havent updated ac in a while because it caused problems with colliders but the objectives update made it too hard to pass up
  • Should do. What's the reason you script calls the function?

  • It was for instantiating the player depending if co-op was enabled
    But if it's safe to remove the gatherobjects line i'll do so?

  • Go for it!

  • edited January 28

    Hi Chris,

    So I've noticed if I take this line out of my start script:

    AC.KickStarter.ResetPlayer(SinglePlayer1, 133312, true, spawnPoint.rotation, true, true, true);

    The dummy player that gets replaced will start in the right place (but obviously the actual player wont spawn in as the line is removed), but if I add the line back in then the real player spawns back into nothingness again. I'm wondering if you've changed anything? Or maybe the script is getting called after the cutscene runs, whereas in the AC version that worked for me it was getting run before, or something?

    EDIT: It was that. I adjusted the script execution order to put the script first and now it spawns correctly. But it didnt need that before and I'm worried about the amount of broken scripts I might have because of this change with AC running before the script. Do you know if you changed this, or if theres a way to make AC run afterwards manually so I dont have to go through every one of my scripts and add them to the script execution order?

  • You haven't mentioned what version you were updating from, but I'm assuming it was quite an old one. I don't recall any recent change regarding the initialisation order, but it's possible changes were made in the past to fix issues.

    The bulk of AC's update code comes from StateHandler, but the MultiSceneChecker and KickStarter scripts handle initialisation duties - you might want to try tinkering with their SEO's before affecting your own.

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