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Button: Reveal hotspots

Hi all!

I thought I had something figured out for my mobile game but it turns out that wasn't the case.
So, I created a menu button to reveal hotspots. It triggers an actionlist which temporarily shifts the alpha on a "Clues" object and children, which contains little transparent Xs in each and every hotspot on the scene. It does this sending a message received by a "Fader" script attached to the Clues object (so that the Xs fade out). This worked for me as I Was working in my first scene, and I could place the Xs as regular game objects instead of the hassle of trying to approach it via UI. My problem is now I need that functionality for other scenes and I realize I didn't think this through properly, since the actionlist triggered by the menu button will always refer to a constant ID for my object in scene 1.
Am I coming at it from a wrong place? What would be a good approach to this? Any ideas will help!

Thanks in advance!


  • Invoking an Input button named "FlashHotspots" will cause all Hotspot-linked Highlight components to flash. You can use the Settings Manager to tweak this behaviour, e.g. having Hotspot icons show as well.

    On mobile, you can create a Button element inside a Menu, and set its Click type to Simulate Input so that the "FlashHotspots" input is invoked when pressed.

  • Oh! Didn't know about that one. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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