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Conversation bug?

edited January 11 in Technical Q&A

EDIT: This has been resolved - it was an issue with the ActionList's 'Unfreeze Pause Menus' being ticked.

Using AC 1.70 and the latest version of Unity.

If a conversation's dialogue options are active when an Inventory object's ActionList calls for a scene change (runs in the background), it carries the same conversation into the next scene.

Is there any way to end a conversation within an ActionList as this would get around this issue?


  • At what point is the game paused? Please share more details about this - I'd like to know more about this before marking it as being resolved.

  • The game isn't paused as such, I have the conversations dialog options not blocking the gameplay, so that the player can still interact with things such as inventory etc.

    If the player clicks on an inventory item, which in my case triggers off a change to another scene then the previous scenes conversation dialog options will show on the next scene, instead of the conversation that should be showing. However, unticking 'Unfreeze Pause Menus' seems to fix this although sometimes it still does it, occasionally. It appears to be random.

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    So there's a Conversation in the new scene? You hint at more than you're sharing - please share the exact steps necessary to recreate the issue.

  • Sorry about that, Chris.

    Yes, there's a conversation in EVERY scene. Basically it's an FMV game where the dialog options act as actions rather than dialog ("Leave Room", "Pick Up Teddy" etc).

    Create a scene with a cutscene that plays a looping video and a conversation dialog option over it ("Go Left", "Go Right" for example). The conversation is set to not block gameplay so the player can interact with the inventory.

    Have an inventory item that once clicked on will switch to a new scene with a 'Wait Til Finished' video playing on OnStart and a different Conversation with different options that appear once it ends.

    For me it will show the previous scenes options rather than the new scene's. This is kind of fixed if you untick 'Unfreeze Pause Menus' in the actionlist for the inventory item.

  • Thank you, I will look into this.

    About the Conversation not blocking gameplay: this is because you have Allow regular gameplay during Conversations? checked in the Settings Manager?

    Are the responses handled via the Override options? option in the Dialogue: Start conversation Action, or are they each in their own DialogOption ActionList?

  • 'Allow regular gameplay during Conversations?' is ticked, yes.

    The responses are all handled from within their own individual DialogOption ActionLists.

    Thanks, Chris!

  • I can't see any issue.

    If unchecking "Unfreeze pause menus?" has an effect, are any pause menus involved?

    To answer your original question, though - sending the "Turn Off" message to a Conversation via the Object: Send message Action will end it.

  • I can't seem to find any pause menus involved. It's an odd one.

    Ah, of course, Object: Send Message. I never thought of doing it that way. It's a way around so that's fine.

    Thanks Chris, much appreciated :)

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