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Change rendering action no longer works

edited January 9 in Technical Q&A

After updating to 1.70, all my "Change rendering -> Set -> Sorting layer" actions stopped working. All I did was updated AC and update the Dialogue System bridge.

To try and isolate the issue further, I created a new project and imported only AC. I assigned the 2d demo managers, added a couple of sorting layers, and added a "Change rendering -> Set -> Is player (ticked)" action to the worm lookat interaction. Looking at the worm no longer changed Brain's sorting layer (nor the layer order, as further testing revealed).


  • Recreated. Open up FollowSortingMap.cs, and replace the two instances of:

    if (_renderer == null || sortingGroup == null) return;


    if (_renderer == null && sortingGroup == null) return;
  • Perfect, thank you!

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