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How to exclude a text label from gather text and export text

Hi everyone,
AC 1.69.0 + Unity 2018.4.8f1 on a 2d game.

With a script made the change of resolutions: so a left and a right button change a label with the possible resolution. And it's all ok, but I have a issue when I gather text (and consequently export/import the translations). Pratically the resolution label is set on "normal" (and it's all ok befor gathering and exporting/importing), and when I gather the text and export, AC exports it as a field (named "label"). When I import the text, instead of find the variuos resolutions, I find only the word "label" that had replaced the parameters.

Is possible to exclude a "nomal label" from gather and export text? Or is there some other tricks?

Thank you very much.


  • All elements associated with a Menu in the Menu Manager will be included in the gather text process.

    If you're using scripting to update the text, and your Menu relies on Unity UI, is it necessary to link the Unity UI Text component to an AC Label element? If it's no longer referenced in the Menu Manager, it won't be included in the translation.

  • Thank you Chris, I tried but without success. I delete the Constant ID and the link to AC menu but all I can see in the label is only the text in Text component UI unity. I made some researches and it seems a Unity bug ( I tried to upgrade to the last version (unity 2019.2.17f1), but nothing change. I tried also with the linked label, changing the ID of the label (negative value) in CSV file and re-importing the text (hoping it doesn't recognize the ID and substitute with correct label), but another failure. Any possible workaround?

  • Modifying CSV ID values won't work, because AC still has internal translations stored within the Speech Manager. Importing a CSV merely updates these translation strings.

    Going back to your Unity bug - your link mentions the UI Text component updating correctly, just not the text on-screen. Is this the same issue that you're experiencing?

    If you re-link the Label element, you could try setting the Label type to Global Variable - and then set the text by updating a String variable instead.

  • Thank you very much Chris.

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