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Store more info to show on Save Slot?

Dear Chris and all the AC forum...
I'm working now on a new Save/Load system and I would like to save on my slot also some info about Game Completion, Secrets Discovered, Hints Used, Game Played.
Those 4 are Global Variables that initially were stored in the Options Data, but now I'm opting for having them in the save file and show them in the Pause Menu as well as in the Save/Load Menu(s).
No issues for the Pause Menu, since it calls the value of the variable (right now), but what if I want to show the value contained in the save slots (stored in the past)?

Here a screenshot to understand better what I mean:
(I'm using Unity UI Prefab)

The question is: how can I show the values stored in each slot and not the last saved one?
Thanks a lot


  • As part of the upcoming v1.70 update, I am looking into introducing new functions to access the contents of save files without loading them - including ones to only extract variable data.

  • Awesome. Looking forward for v1.70!

  • Oh, since you are updating the save system (and whole AC), I wonder... do you mind putting a button in the AC Game Editor/Settings to "Delete All Saved Games"? I know we can do that manually going into the specific folder and simply delete them. But would be easier to have a button for that staying in Unity. Would be very useful before every build or just resetting the saves when working on the Save Menu to achieve that with a simple click. I suggest to place it under the "Auto-add Save components to GameObjects" one. My 2 cents.

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