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Toggle all options in a conversation back on

edited December 2019 in Technical Q&A

Hi all!

I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing. I have a conversation that toggles off options once you click on them. But I want to toggle them all back on next time the user clicks on the conversation so they can go through the options again. Sort of like an aid for the easily distracted like me. So far I can only do that by toggling each option back on one by one. Is there an easier way to "reset" the conversation?

Thank you a lot!!!


  • Add this to the Conversation script:

    public void TurnAllOptionsOn ()
        foreach (ButtonDialog option in options)
            option.isLocked = false;
            option.isOn = true;

    (I'll add this or something similar to the official release)

    You can then use the Object: Call event or Object: Send message Actions to trigger it.

  • Perfect. Thank you, Chris.

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