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Add or remove bug

Hello community!

I found a bug with "object" - "add or remove" .

When you use the feature "add or remove" and then add an object from the resource folder to the scene and then wait a few seconds and again use the "add or remove" feature to remove the same object it doesn't get removed from the scene!

Another bug with "add or remove" is when you add an object and choose -position relative to- none of the listed options are working properly, I tried them all, it just spawned the object far away.


  • Please share screenshots of your setup, as well as Unity/AC versions, so that I can recreate.

    The object in question must have a Constant ID component with Retain in prefab? checked for it to be removeable. Are you getting any related messages in the Console?

  • AC version: latest

    Unity version: 2019.2.14f1

    The object does have constant ID with Retain in prefab. However, I just noticed that everything works fine for some reason. I don't know why, but I'll try to figure it out and come back with an update!

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