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Jump scare question

Hi Chris,
I would like to add some jump scare scene within the game play of AC.
I have a sequence of jump scare PNG images with transparent background.
But I have no idea how to implement with AC.
Should I make it in form of menu or video or something else?
Do you have any suggestion to add jump scare within AC? Thanks a lot.


  • How exactly do you want to use these images? Overlaid full screen over everything else?

    Probably easiest to make it an animated sprite sequence, and parent it to the MainCamera so that it's always facing the camera in the centre of the screen.

    You can then use animation to play back / hide the sequence using Animator parameters. This wouldn't involve AC - just Unity's own animation controls. But you could then use the Object: Animate Action to trigger it by changing the Animator parameter values.

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