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Reset Animator to Default/Idle state


I would like to set/reset my character Animator to Default State/ Idle state (orange color in the animator). Can somebody write a custom "Action" to AC or maybe there is one action already in AC? I think it would be very helpful for everybody, and nobody should remembers the last parameter of Animator!

Thank you very much in advance!


  • I'm not aware of any way to access the "default" state of an Animator Controller through script, but you can just create a Trigger parameter in the Animator, and create a new Transition from "Any State" to the default state when this Trigger parameter is invoked.

    You can then use the Object: Animate Action to invoke this Trigger parameter, which in turn will cause the Animator to go back to it's default state.

  • Thank you Chris!

    I set it, but something is not perfect for me, because my NPC continues its previous animation state. I do exactly what you suggest, I would like that if my NPC would stay into the default state.

  • This'll be Unity-related, and down to how your animator works.

    Do you have a transition going from the default state back to the previous one? You would have to either change those transition's parameter values so that it doesn't play, or try a Bool parameter instead of a Trigger for the "Reset state" parameter.

    If you use a Bool, you can make it so that it always goes back to the default state whenever it's True - but you'd also have to set it to False whenever you want it to play something else.

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