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Make 3d model player invisible when menu is turned on

Hi Chris,
I would like to hide the 3d player when the menu is turned on.
So I use action object: invisible to do it. I drag the player prefab as the parameter, but it does not work. The player does not hide.
So I put back the prefab in the scene and drag into action again, it works, but there is no constant ID assigned to the player, is it normal? This method works initially, but when I open the scene and run again, the player parameter is unlinked. The player can't be hidden. Is it normal?
Any suggestion to make 3d player invisible when the menu is turned on and visible again when menu is off?
AC version 1.69
Unity version 2018.2


  • I can't recreate the issue of a Constant ID not being assigned, but you can try manually adding one to the Player's Skinned Mesh Renderer and then assigning it.

    The Player script already has built-in functions to Hide and Show it's renderer, however - you can access these via a custom script:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class HideShowPlayer : MonoBehaviour
        public void HidePlayer ()
            KickStarter.player.Hide ();
        public void ShowPlayer ()
            KickStarter.player.Show ();

    Place that on a new GameObject and make it a prefab, then access that prefab using the Object: Call event Action to run its HidePlayer / ShowPlayer functions.

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