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Pathfinding moving on edges

I have a road that a horse object runs across, using the Move to Point action
However when running it just runs on the edge of the road and onto the grass even though it's set as "not walkable"

Ive tried increasing and decreasing the agent radius but the outline for the pathfind still stays on the edge of the road so the move to point is running on the edge

Any advice?


  • edited October 2019

    I'd recommend increasing the agent radius more than how you have in the screenshot to keep the NavMesh further from the edge.

    You can have AC characters stick more rigidly to the NavMesh by increasing the Settings Manager's Destination accuracy slider. Alternatively, adding the NavMesh Agent and NavMesh Agent Integration components will have them rely on Unity's own pathfinding system, which may be more appropriate for this case.

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