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Missing reference file

Hi Chris,

When I open the scene today, I found that the AC windows do not pop up. So I press Game Editor and try to call the AC window again.
But this time, the AC window do not come out and tell me the reference file is missing. I search the resource folder but the reference file exist. I click on the create new but only extra reference file 1,2,3 are created in the resource folder. AC window still does not come out. What should I do? Do I need to reinstall the AC?
Before, sometimes AC window does not come out, but Everytime after I press Game Editor, the AC window comes out again.
Unity version 2019.3.0a7
AC version 1.68
Please help, thanks a lot.


  • What were you doing before this occured? It shouldn't have started randomly.

    Try this:
    1. Close the AC Editor window
    2. Delete the References file
    3. Rename "References 1" to "References", and remove all others.
    4. Restart Unity and re-open the AC Editor

    Please also be aware that AC is not guaranteed to work with an alpha version of Unity. You should stick to the latest official release, 2018.2.

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