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How to change some translations on Original Language

I'm using AC 1.69.0 + unity 2017.1.1 for a 2d game.
I have this little issue: my original language is not English, so I need to change some internal translations, at the moment relative to menus (ex. New Game, Save Game, Load, Quit, etc). I changed them on CSV file (easier because I can see all), but how can I import it? Importing it I can't import translation as Original language, only as description. Will "Description" the right way to import the original language?


  • You can't change your game's original language text via a CSV file import. (By original language, I'm specifically referring to the text actually stored in Menu properties / Actions etc).

    However, what you can do is prevent this original language from being available in-game, so that the first-available translation (which can still be the same language, since creating a new language just copies the original) is the default instead. You can then import over this with a CSV file.

    Just check Don't use at runtime? in the Original language's properties.

  • It works perfectly, thank you very much.

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