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ITranslatable error in last version of AC

edited September 2019 in Technical Q&A

We've just updated AC to latest and editor brings error

TranslationToTextMeshProUGUI' does not implement interface member 'ITranslatable.GetOwner(int)'

Assets/Heaven and Hell/Scripts/Localization/LocalizedText.cs(10,34): error CS0535: 'LocalizedText' does not implement interface member 'ITranslatable.GetOwner(int)'
public class LocalizedText : ITranslatable
public class TranslationToTextMeshPro : MonoBehaviour, ITranslatable

Seems like this from the update
" -The ITranslatable interface, used for custom translation types, now has an index parameter for it's GetOwner and OwnerIsPlayer methods"
can be involved.


  • Correct - you will need to update your GetOwner and OwnerIsPlayer methods with an integer parameter, i.e.:

    public string GetOwner ()


    public string GetOwner (int index)

    This allows for custom translatables to define different owners for different lines, if multiple lines are involved. If all lines share the same owner (per-script), then you don't need to do anything to the actual function.

  • Thanks. It helped

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