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2D Jigsaw puzzle - how to?

Help me out here please, community. It's 2019. There's got to be a simple way to make what is essentially a jigsaw puzzle in AC and I'm just daft. At the very least, is there any way to drag 2D sprites around freely? Click and hold to pick up and move around?

I see under Moveable that you can "Check held by player" which might work for the pickup, but...then what?

There was this discussion from 2014 but I don't think "Draggable" exists as a script anymore.

Thanks for any advice! I feel like there's always a put-the-thing-back-together puzzle in an adventure game, but maybe they're actually not popular at all :#


  • There is probably a better way, but I would attempt this with a Menu perhaps. Make an Inventory Menu and tick the box for items to be Re-orderable in Inventory in the Game Settings tab. Add you jigsaw pieces as inventory items, but in the wrong places and tick them to Carry on Start. Then just drag and re-order to make the puzzle.

    There has to be a better way, but the inventory menu comes to mind as its kind of setup already.

  • Draggables certainly still exist, but they're intended for 3D objects.

    While it'd be worth looking into a dedicated asset (since the scope for customisation is actually quite large), you could likely get something running within AC by smart use of custom events combined with regular Hotspots and inventory items.

    I'll see if I can come up with something.

  • All right - see the bottom of the Downloads page. There's a new template for creating "item arranging"-type puzzles.

    Again, the scope for variance/customisation with this kind of puzzle is too great for a "one size fits all" solution/template, but this should demonstrate the principles in extending AC through custom events to create such gameplay.

  • That's awesome Chris. I'm sure I can make use of this in the future too, thanks!

  • Ditto, Chris, you're a saint. Thank you!

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