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AC & Unity UI - Event System question

Hey folks,

Despite using AC for a while now, I've only just started to look at hooking in Unity UI (so far all my work has been using AC's excellent menus for quick prototyping).

My understanding is the evolution of a project should be to start by using AC menus, and then still use AC menus but have them link to Unity UI.

I have a scene, and during this I want to show a full screen UI. I have created this as a Unity canvas with UI elements:

This will only be used in this particular scene, so I haven't made it a prefab.

I have then created an AC menu, and linked to this canvas by setting the source to Unity UI In Scene

When I run the scene however I'm seeing this warning in the console...

What's my best course of action here? Should I be deleting the EventSystem object from the hierarchy which was created with the Unity UI? I don't have an eventsystem prefab to supply to the menu manager. Should I make one?



  • Just delete the EventSystem in your scene's hierarchy. AC automatically inserts its own EventSystem to the scene. You don't need to set the EventSystem prefab as that's there in case you need a customized EventSystem.

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